Embrace Spring Fever – Walk!

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The forecast has been checked – no freezing temperatures in sight, and that means we are officially in spring! Allow the confetti and dancing bears to calm down for a bit, and then think to yourself – what can I do to really take advantage of the weather? Mull it over a bit and I’m sure you’ll come up with the same answer as we did: go outside and walk!

Experts agree that a healthy lifestyle starts with at least 30 minutes of physical activity everyday. It doesn’t have to be boring exercise. Walking is a great way get moving, and it’s appropriate for all ages. Does 30 minutes sound like a lot? Here are some tips to make it manageable:

  • Make it easy: try three 10 minute walks throughout the day instead of knocking it out all at once.
  • Make it a choice: park far away from the store entrance or take the stairs – yes, it sounds cliche but it WORKS!
  • Make it fun: try window shopping or find a local park that you like
  • Make it convenient: pack your shoes with you
  • Make it a part of your schedule: consistency is key in building new habits!
  • Make it sneaky: while watching TV, take a walking break during commercials
  • Make it family or friend time: getting people you care about involved makes it special!
  • Make it funky: Make a playlist of your favorite songs so that time flies

Don’t like to walk? Here are some other ways to get your 30 minutes a day:

  • Go for a bike ride
  • Take a dance class
  • Take your invisible dog for a jog
  • Fly a kite on a not-so-windy day
  • Jump rope
  • Take up a hobby like slack-line or gardening
  • Dig out the elbow-grease and clean your house – all that scrubbing will work up a sweat!

Whatever you choose to do, be careful and don’t injure yourself! Accidents do happen though, and Synergy Healthcare in Spokane has a staff of highly trained physical therapists and occupational therapists who can treat neck pain, back pain, sprains, strains and much more!

Synergy Healthcare offers physical therapy and occupational therapy in Spokane Valley, WA. Our highly trained therapists are ready to get you back on track fast! We try to prepare helpful articles that can help enrich your life.

Shauna Burchett, OTR/L

Shauna Burchett, OTR/L is a skilled occupational therapist and the owner of Synergy Healthcare. She graduated from the University of Alberta in 1993 with a degree in Occupational Therapy. Shauna began her career as an occupational therapist specializing in traumatic head injuries. She has also worked in skilled nursing facilities specializing in long and short term geriatric rehabilitation. Shauna has been in private practice since 1998.