Neural Manipulation

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What Is Neural Manipulation?

Neural Manipulation focuses on the relationships between the bones of the nervous system (skull, spine) and the soft tissues (nerves, spinal cord, and dura). This technique identifies and releases local restrictions in nerves, enabling them to move freely in their surroundings, which can have positive effects throughout the entire body.

The History of Neural Manipulation

The technique was developed collaboratively by French osteopaths Alain Croibier and Jean-Pierre Barral.

Who Benefits from This Technique?

People who have lower back pain & sciatica, headaches & migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint pain, post-operative scar tissue pain, whiplash injuries, neuralgia & neuritis, tendinitis, sprains & traumatic lesions, and many other conditions can benefit from it.

What to Expect

Neural Manipulation is a hands-on manual therapy that is gentle and soft. The underlying theory of this therapy is that the source of pain or dysfunction may be far away from where the pain is actually felt. The practitioner searches for the source and treats those tissues with precise, gentle movements, mobilizing and lengthening the soft tissues, especially nerves. As the source area of the pain is stretched and released, symptoms will gradually improve.

The Benefits

Neural Manipulation is a holistic treatment that works to fix imbalances in the body. This gentle technique assists the body in releasing restrictions and restoring balance. Patients experience improvements in their pain and dysfunction, and in their overall well-being. Neural treatment may benefit you if you have chronic symptoms, symptoms that seem to move around your body, a history of physical and/or emotional stress or trauma, or have had surgeries.

Practitioners at Synergy That Use Neural Manipulation