Physical Therapists

Synergy Healthcare has the most experienced physical therapy team in Spokane Valley. Our therapists have honed their craft over decades. Their techniques include Craniosacral TherapyStrain CounterstrainFrequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)Graded Motor Imagery (GMI)Vestibular RehabilitationMyokinesthetic Therapy, Clinical Pilates, Total Motion ReleaseMovement RetrainingVisceral Manipulation, and more. In short, our team can offer some of the most diverse, effective treatments in Spokane Valley.

Learn about each of Synergy Healthcare’s skilled physical therapists and physical therapy assistants below. We’re standing by to help, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any inquiry.

Table of Contents:

  1. Brad Lyons MSPT, COMT – Myokinesthetics, Myofascial Techniques, Injured Workers, Maitland Certification
  2. Arch Harrison, PTA – Strain, Counterstrain, Graded Motor Imagery, Surface EMG
  3. Chuck Depner, PT – Core stabilization, Joint mobilization, Strain Counterstrain, neural techniques
  4. Robyn Moug, PT – Myokinesthetics, Injured Workers
  5. Mary Carpenter, PT –Vestibular Rehabilitation, Post Surgical Treatment, Ergonomics, Work Conditioning, Graston Technique, Heart Math
  6. Cheryl Smith, PT – Clinical Pilates, Yoga, Pre and Post-Partum, Osteoporosis and Osteopenia, Pre and Post-Surgical Rehab
  7. Janelle Axtell, PTA – Myokinesthetics, Vestibular and balance disturbances, Parkinson’s Disease,  Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Brad Lyons MSPT, COMT

Physical Therapist, Clinical Manager

Specialties: Myokinesthetics, Spinal and Peripheral Mobilization, Myofascial Cupping, Myofascial Techniques, Injured Workers

Currently accepting new patients

Brad discovered his passion for physical therapy as a child when his Aunt was injured in a car accident and placed in a full body cast. Brad’s family brought her home from the hospital and she lived in a hospital bed in the living room. He was amazed as he watched the therapists come and patiently work to slowly facilitate her recovery – she went from being bed-ridden to eventually recovering her ability to enjoy long walks. This sparked Brad’s interest in helping others in the medical field.

Brad went to undergrad at Boise State and worked as a personal trainer at Nampa Rec Center and as a rehab aide and exercise physiologist at Idaho Elk’s Rehabilitation. He then went to physical therapy school in Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia. He completed his clinicals at Quantico and Walter Reed Army Hospital. Then was employed at a private clinic in the Washington DC area where he worked with many prominent political families, Pentagon employees and professional athletes.

Brad was honored to be selected as one of the first 50 Physical Therapists in the US to receive the certification of COMT – Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapy from the Maitland/Australian Physiotherapy Seminars.

Working as a Physical Therapist since 2000, Brad has chosen to creatively addresses his patient’s needs with a variety of therapeutic approaches including: Myokinesthetics, total motion release, mobilization/manipulation, various muscle, neural and facial release techniques, manual therapy treatments as well as therapeutic exercise and activities. He has many years of experience in out-patient, worker’s comp and sports therapy.

Brad loves watching or playing sports – he still works out and has a history of playing baseball, basketball and soccer (offered scholarship in soccer) and in college competed in triathlons and power-lifting. He enjoys outdoor activities like camping and hiking and attending local and community events. He’s happiest when playing cards with his family.

Arch Harrison, PTA

Physical Therapy Assistant

Specialties: massage, Strain Counterstrain, Graded Motor Imagery

Currently accepting new patients

Arch Harrison, PTA, LMP, JSCC has been a Licensed Massage Practitioner since 1986 and a Physical Therapy Assistant since 1992.

As a massage therapist, he has specialized in sports massage, stress reduction, and deep fascial massage. He received his Strain Counterstrain certification in 2006 and has since incorporated this effective technique into his work as a Physical Therapy assistant.

He offers Surface Electromyography for muscle re-education and he’s also currently exploring Graded Motor Imagery, effective for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. His passion for providing service is not just a job; it’s a way of life, an integral part of who he is.

In addition to providing top quality therapy he has been involved in Search and Rescue and the Ski Patrol, and an Avalanche Safety instructor. He also expresses his love of the outdoors as a bicyclist, back-country skier and backpacker.

Chuck Depner, PT of Synergy Healthcare in Spokane Valley

Chuck Depner, PT

Physical Therapist

Specialties: core stabilization, joint mobilization, Strain Counterstrain, venous, arterial, visceral, neural techniques

Currently accepting new patients

Chuck Depner was born and raised in Billings, Montana. He received his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering. Later, he attended Eastern Washington University, where he studied to become a Physical Therapist and graduated with his B.S. in 1993.

Chuck began his career as physical therapist while working as a traveling therapist back east. He eventually moved to Spokane and worked for Holy Family in both the outpatient and inpatient therapies. He then moved on to work for Eagle Rehab, which was quickly bought out by HealthSouth. Before coming to Synergy Healthcare in Spokane Valley, WA, Chuck worked for Visiting Nurses Association, providing in-home health care.

In August 2009, Chuck joined the staff at Synergy Healthcare as their Clinical Manager and “computer guy”. He specializes in core stabilization and joint mobilization techniques, Strain Counterstrain, venous, arterial, visceral and neural techniques. In addition to being a therapist, Chuck enjoys hiking, skiing and skating with his family.

Robyn Moug, PT

Physical Therapist

Specialties: Myokinesthetics

Currently accepting new patients

Robyn has been working as a physical therapist since 1993. She started her career as a school therapist and then moved on to become Director of Clinical Management and physical therapist for Rehab Without Walls, serving patients who survived traumatic and neurologic injuries working with an interdisciplinary team. She also worked for an extended time in outpatient occupational medicine treating individuals for work injuries.

Robyn specializes in Myokinesthetics (MYK)—a posture based neuromuscular treatment that balances muscles and relieves pain. She has an extensive repertoire of skills to treat her patients in a personalized approach. She believes in empowering patients to make the changes that improve their mobility, reduce pain and allows them to return to function.

Robyn lives north of Spokane on a small ranch and enjoys anything outside with family time and horseback riding toping the list.

Robyn is active as a volunteer in the community for Spokane County Search and Rescue and has served as a K9 handler since 2007. She deploys her GSD, Inca for live find and human remains detection (HRD) and her Belgian Malinois, Cho, for HRD.

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Mary Carpenter, PT

Physical Therapist

Specialties: Orthopedics, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Post Surgical Treatment, Ergonomics, Work Conditioning, Graston Technique

Currently accepting new patients

Mary grew up in Southern California until 2018 when she and her husband moved to Spokane. She loves living in the country where she enjoys the beautiful sunsets and watching deer, birds and the occasional moose. Mary loves animals and hopes to someday have her own horse.  Mary earned a B.S. in Sports Medicine from Pepperdine University in 1983, and went on to receive her M.A. in Physical Therapy from Stanford University in 1985. She is a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist and is passionate about helping people learn how to prevent injuries and falls.

Mary’s work experience is extensive and varied, though most of her career has focused on outpatient orthopedics. She has also worked in acute rehabilitation, sports medicine, rehabilitation of the injured worker including work conditioning and functional capacity evaluations, ergonomics, and injury prevention.  Most recently, she worked in home health for Providence Health and Services here in Spokane prior to joining Synergy.

Mary enjoys hiking, quilting, volunteering at an equine ministry, reading, doing jigsaw puzzles, horseback riding, and spending time with her friends and just relaxing at home with her husband. She feels blessed to be a part of the  Synergy team and looks forward to advancing her skills and abilities into new areas. Mary understands that listening well to the people in her care is essential to the therapeutic process and views each client as a unique individual. She is passionate about helping them improve their health and achieve their goals.

Cheryl Smith, Physical Therapist at Synergy Healthcare in Spokane Valley

Cheryl Smith, PT

Physical Therapist

Specialties: Clinical Pilates, Yoga, Core stabilization, pre and post-partum, osteoporosis and osteopenia, pre and post-surgical rehab, sports injuries and prevention, postural dysfunctions, orthopedic injuries.

Currently accepting new patients

Cheryl is passionate about movement, to move with grace and ease; to be balanced in one’s body, mind, and spirit.  She understands the lifelong benefits of physical activity and loves to encourage others in their fitness, wellness, and rehabilitation goals.  

Cheryl has been a Physical Therapist for over 30 years, a graduate of University of Puget Sound.  Cheryl is trained in Yoga, certified in Stott Pilates®, manual therapy, the Graston Technique, Barre.  She became certificated in STOTT Pilates® over 10 years ago, using Pilates to assist her patients in the healing process from sports injuries, orthopedic and neurological conditions, and post-surgical rehabilitation.  She worked in a private practice orthopedic clinic in the Seattle area and she is delighted to be in the Spokane area working at Synergy, Healthcare.  

She has experience with dancers, semi-pro golfers, tennis players, and runners, as well as pre and post-natal, Parkinson’s, and oncology patients. She enjoys tennis, pickleball, golf, running, biking, theater, and travel.  She volunteers at her local library and community farm. 

Janelle Axtell, PTA

Physical Therapy Assistant

Specialties: Myokinesthetics, Vestibular and balance disturbances, Parkinson’s Disease,  Multiple Sclerosis (MS); Post-stroke (CVA); Pre and Post Surgical orthopedic aftercare, Neurological conditions.

Currently accepting new patients

Janelle specializes in Myokinesthetics, a posture based neuromuscular treatment that balances muscles, relieves pain, and increases function. She has been treating injured workers and Orthopedic injuries, as well as doing Home Health Physical Therapy for several years. Within these multiple settings, she has developed ways to integrate strategies for Functional, Musculoskeletal, and Neuromuscular Treatments. Janelle’s hands-on style of treatment and hour-long sessions will benefit many from her treatments if they are hoping to address: Vestibular and balance disturbances, Parkinson’s Disease,  Multiple Sclerosis (MS); Post-stroke (CVA); Pre and Post Surgical orthopedic aftercare, and many other Neurological conditions. Janelle has a love for people and wishes to empower each person through education, with hands-on manual therapy and therapeutic activities to increase their personal strategies for improving their quality of life.