Worker’s Compensation Physical Therapy

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Workers’ Compensation and Labor and Industry (L&I) physical therapy and occupational therapy in Spokane Valley

Workers’ Compensation and Labor and Industry (L&I) provide medical treatment to employees who have suffered from job-related injuries. If you find yourself in a Workers’ Compensation/L&I claim, expect to be evaluated by a labor and industrial accredited physician. The physician could prescribe rehabilitative services, including physical or occupational therapy. Therapy services will be covered under the Workers’ Compensation/L&I insurance carrier if they’re deemed medically necessary and given by accredited rehabilitation therapists.

Synergy Physical Therapy in Spokane Valley excels at Workers’ Compensation/L&I physical therapy and rehabilitation services that support you after a work-related injury. We’ll coordinate care and communicate with all parties to help ensure your triumphant return to work and life.

Workers’ Compensation/L&I medical benefits

Every employer must provide Washington L&I or self insured Workers’ Compensation medical benefits to their employees. This means that your employer is responsible for paying for insurance that will cover necessary medical treatment associated with an injury sustained at work.

How does a Workers’ Compensation/L&I claim start?

If you sustain a work-related injury, you should report it to your supervisor. Usually, the next step is for the Human Resource Department to file an incident report and submit the claim to Washington Labor & Industries or the employer’s Workman’s Compensation insurance company. It is the responsibility of the Human Resources Department to ensure that this claim is filed correctly, so you should check in with that department.

Does Workers Comp Pay for Physical Therapy?

Once the incident is reported to your employer you will need to see a Workers’ Compensation/ L&I accredited physician for a medical evaluation. The physician may determine that you would benefit from physical therapy or occupational therapy to regain function, strength, range of motion and decrease pain to return to your work responsibilities. This is where the question “does workers comp pay for physical therapy” gets decided. Once determined, the physician will prescribe physical or occupational therapy. This same physician will oversee all medical treatment – including medical devices, imagery and diagnostics, and/or specialty referrals.

Physical and Occupational therapy sessions will include many different skilled treatments, specific exercises and activities that incorporate your essential job demands and goals. The physical or occupational therapist should monitor progress toward your treatment goals and communicate with the prescribing physician and your claims manager. Workers’ compensation/ L&I insurance may authorize coverage of services to continue if you make improvements and your physician deems it necessary.

When you achieve your recovery goals, the maximum level of function, or if your physician deems you have reached maximum medical improvement, you will be discharged from therapy.

Appropriate documentation for Workers’ Compensation/L&I physical therapy and occupational therapy claims.

Your occupational or physical therapist will send progress notes to your claims manager and physician to show your progress towards your therapy goals. This communication will facilitate you receiving the therapy you need. 

The perfect fit for Worker’s Compensation Physical Therapy in Spokane Valley.

Synergy Physical Therapy in Spokane Valley is very experienced with Workers’ Compensation/L&I physical therapy and occupational therapy claims. We’ll develop a tailored-to-you Workers’ Compensation/L&I program to help improve your ability to return to work-related tasks such as lifting, climbing, walking, and carrying. We’ll work with your claims manager and physician to get you the maximum treatment available and ensure that you can return both to your work AND to normal activities.

Why employers, workers’ compensation agencies, and L&I love us.

With Synergy Healthcare’s multi-level team of workers’ compensation/ L&I rehabilitation specialists, we consistently review case progression and ensure appropriate documentation and communication.
• Proactive monitoring of documentation, patient progression, and length of stay
• Centralized authorization tracking
• With leading-edge services and dedicated staff, Synergy Healthcare in Spokane Valley provides seamless transitions and continuity of care

Why you’ll love us.

• Our physical therapy clinic in Spokane Valley offers innovative services that are hard to find elsewhere. These offerings increase efficiency and leave you feeling great
• Deeply experienced staff – most of our team has been in practice for decades
• We dedicate longer treatment times then most clinics
• Outstanding quality
• Diverse capabilities and services
• Encouraging and friendly environment
• Personalized communication on progress throughout rehab
• We match dedicated therapists with you based on your specific diagnosis
• We ensure clear, concise, and consistent communication with all involved parties
• Where appropriate – we provide you with ergonomic education to help you minimize the risk of a future injury

What to expect when you’re a recovering employee

When we work with you to recover from a work-related injury, your treatment will likely include the following:
• Evaluating impairments that you may have
• Addressing those impairments
• Ascertaining your working conditions
• Decreasing pain levels
• Increasing range of motion
• Increasing strength
• Normalizing function
• Improving working techniques to allow you to perform work tasks more easily.

We want you to live, feel, play and work better.

Brad Lyons MSPT, COMT

Brad Lyons MSPT, COMT is a Physical Therapist and Clinical Manager at Synergy Healthcare in Spokane Valley. His specialties include Myokinesthetics, spinal and peripheral mobilization, Myofascial cupping, Myofascial techniques, and injured workers. Brad was honored to be selected as one of the first 50 Physical Therapists in the US to receive the certification of COMT – Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapy from the Maitland/Australian Physiotherapy Seminars.