Myokinesthetic Therapy

Beat Recurring Pain Quickly

Try Myokinesthetic Therapy – a quick and effective therapy focusing on clues from the posture to get to the root of recurring pain. By working with a Synergy Physical Therapist, you’ll overcome recurring problems and enjoy better posture.

Stand Tall. Feel Great.

Improve Your Posture to Fix Pain

Gently and quickly improve your posture while beating pain! Myokinesthetic therapy can help improve poor posture, which is essential because poor posture is often both a symptom of pain and the cause. When you experience discomfort in a region of your body, for instance, a muscle in your lower back, you may avoid using this muscle by slouching or curving your posture abnormally. Myokinesthetic therapy can specifically address imbalanced muscles and strengthen them so your posture naturally improves.

30 minutes or less

Quick and Painless

Myokinesthetic is a quick, painless therapy that gives lasting re-alignment and relief. Studies conducted to determine the efficacy of Myokinesthetic treatment for low back pain found patients reported improved overall pain levels after a single treatment. They reported additional mobility and function in their lower back regions. In all cases, the improved results lasted at least one month – an excellent result for a quick, 30-minute therapy.

After searching for a solution to alleviate my back spasms and headaches without the discomfort of traditional chiropractic treatments, I discovered the benefits of Myokinesthetic Therapy. The therapy’s gentle and non-invasive manual techniques effectively stimulated my nervous system and restored muscle function, bringing relief and soothing comfort. My acute lumbar muscle back spasms were alleviated, restoring mobility and reducing pain. The therapy also targeted my persistent headaches, reducing their occurrence and severity. The absence of popping and cracking techniques in Myokinesthetic Therapy offered a relaxing and calming approach. Overall, I highly recommend Myokinesthetic Therapy as a non-invasive option for anyone seeking relief from back spasms and headaches, surpassing expectations and providing profound results.

Trish Dotts

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Myokinesthetic Therapy Explained in a Nutshell

Myokinesthetic therapy was developed by Dr. Michael Uriarte at the Myokinesthetic Therapy Institute nearly 20 years ago. Myokinesthetics is a therapy approach that focuses on the relationship between the nervous system and muscle function. This therapy uses a non-invasive, hands-on technique to identify and correct imbalances in the body’s muscular and nervous systems, with the aim of improving muscle function, reducing different types of pain, and enhancing overall physical performance.

Specifically, Myokinesthetic therapy evaluates and treats posture imbalances as a method to restore balance to the rest of the body. The theory that underlies Myokinethetic therapy is that your still (static) standing posture underlies every other movement pattern; so, if posture is not symmetrical, your other movements will likely be dysfunctional.

To put this idea into slightly more straightforward language – if someone has changes in their posture where one side is different from the other, those changes will cause the person to move in ways that can cause pain.

How Does Myokinesthetic Therapy Work?

The Synergy Physical Therapist offering a Myokinesthetic session will start with analyzing your standing posture. They’ll look closely to determine compensations you may be making without knowing it. The therapist will determine which main nerve root level is affected and contributes to your pain by drawing on their years of experience and on the information they glean from the following:

  1. your posture compensations,
  2. your areas of pain,
  3. areas of muscle weakness
  4. and other symptoms you report

What is the Nerve Root?

The nerve root is a term applied to a part of the nervous system that branches directly from the spinal cord and extends into the body. These nerve roots carry sensory information (what we feel) and movement information (how we move). When the therapist can isolate the specific nerve root – they narrow down the issues to those muscles, fascia, and tissues connected to just that nerve root. They’ll then treat the sensory and movement portions of all the muscles along that nerve root.

This approach allows for speedy, painless, and effective treatment once the initial analysis has been completed. In essence, the physical therapist can rule out many potential dead ends for your treatment plan. By identifying the nerve root that is the cause of the issue – they get very exact in the application of treatment. This is excellent news for your treatment and great news for you!

What Can Be Treated with Myokinesthetic Therapy?

Patients who benefit from Myokinesthetic Therapy have typically experienced one of the following:

  1. Back pain: Myokinesthetic Therapy can be effective in reducing pain associated with back injuries or chronic back pain.
  2. Neck pain: Myokinesthetic Therapy can be used to reduce pain and tension in the neck muscles and improve mobility in the neck.
  3. Headaches: Myokinesthetic Therapy has proven to reduce or eliminate headache pain.
  1. Joint pain: Myokinesthetic Therapy can help reduce pain and inflammation associated with arthritis and other joint-related conditions.
  2. Muscle weakness: Myokinesthetic Therapy can be used to improve muscle function and strength, particularly in areas such as the shoulders, hips, and knees.
  3. Athletic performance: Myokinesthetic Therapy can be used to improve overall physical performance and reduce the risk of injury in athletes and active individuals.

Is Myokinesthetic Therapy Effective?

YES! While Myokinesthetic Therapy is relatively new, some initial studies have been conducted to determine the efficacy of my kinesthetic treatment for low back pain. These studies had great results in reducing pain and improving mobility.

What to Expect

During a myokinesthetic session, the therapist will use a series of gentle touches and movements to stimulate the nervous system and help the body reset muscle function. The therapist will work through a series of “maps” that correspond to specific areas of the body, identifying and correcting imbalances as they go.

Myokinethetic Therapy treatment is a rapid and effective treatment. No oils or creams are used, and treatments tend to last 30 minutes or less. Other therapists have described Myokinethetic therapy as a “moving massage,” – and we think that sums it up nicely.

During a myokinesthetic session, a Synergy physical therapist will use a series of gentle touches and movements to stimulate the nervous system and help the body reset muscle function. The therapist will work through a series of “maps” that correspond to specific areas of the body, identifying and correcting imbalances as they go.

To sum up – a Myokinethetic Therapy treatment will look like this:

1: Your therapist will narrow down the main problem in the nervous system by assessing your posture and asking you questions.
2: Your therapist will work on specific muscles by moving them, then allowing you to move them through their full ranges of motion.
3: Your therapist will work on both sides of the body, even if the symptoms are only on one side.

Freedom from Recurring Pain

Connect with our team to see if Myokinesthetic Therapy can help your symptoms.

It can be frustrating to experience a painful issue that returns repeatedly, no matter what treatment you try. You spend a lot of time and money trying to fix the challenge.

That’s why I’m excited to introduce Myokinesthetic Therapy at Synergy Physical Therapy in Spokane Valley. Myokinesthetic Therapy makes tons of sense in today’s society, where we spend most of our days bent over computers, tablets, and phones. When we prioritize a healthy, symmetrical posture and use asymmetries in the posture to guide our treatments, the result is a quick and effective therapy that treats those complex recurring issues and provides relief.

If you’re experiencing recurring pain or movement limitation, I hope you’ll come in and give Myokinesthetics a try.

– Shauna Burchett, Owner