Total Motion Release

The Tools You Need To Treat Pain Anytime

Total Motion Release (TMR) not only treats pain and decreased range of motion quickly, it gives you simple exercises so that you can manage your pain anytime, anywhere.

Gentle movement.

Relieve your pain with simple exercises you can perform anywhere!

Total Motion Release is a unique therapy that works on the idea that performing gentle movements and exercises on the pain-free side of your body to treat symptoms on the involved side of your body. A Synergy physical therapist will carefully assess your body for asymmetries that may be contributing to pain and tightness. Then they’ll teach you targeted exercises that can help rebalance the sides of your body and help your central nervous system recognize a better quality of movement, ultimately restoring function. 

Quickly relieve pain when it flares up

You’re in control.

Once you’ve worked with your therapists to develop your personal program you can use it to relieve pain anytime, anywhere. You’re in control of your pain at home, at the office, or even in line at the grocery store. You will have an invaluable tool that you can use anytime to relieve pain and improve your range of motion.

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Total Motion Release Explained in a Nutshell

Total Motion Release is a technique that a physical therapist and his colleagues developed to address the two most common symptoms treated in physical therapy: tightness and pain. It’s a unique therapy because that you and your therapist will use easy, gentle movements on the side of your body that has good quality of movement to alleviate the pain and tightness on the problem side of the body.

For example, if you have pain in your left shoulder, and it has limited movement your therapist will help you carefully move your right shoulder. This movement will help your central nervous system adjust and decrease the symptoms you’re experiencing in your left shoulder. While it sounds counter-intuitive, Total Motion Release has been shown to be effective in assisting with various ailments, including neck, back, knee, and shoulder pain.

Instead of forcing movement into uncomfortable positions in the aching left shoulder, TMR uses a little-known secret of treating pain-free motions in the right shoulder. This causes a realignment of both shoulders and alleviates your pain. movement patterns are followed by evaluation to assess progress rating: pain, tightness, range of motion, strength, tension, and quality of movement.

How Does Total Motion Release Therapy Work?

Once your Synergy Physical Therapist has decided that Total Motion Release may be an option for you, they’ll start by evaluating your body for restrictions that may be contributing to the tightness and pain you’re experiencing. They’ll evaluate the right and left sides of your body for asymmetries. Finding and addressing these asymmetries is the key to Total Motion Release. Once your therapist finds asymmetries, he or she will bring them into balance through targeted movements that match the limited movements on your painful side. Through these targeted movements, the areas of restriction are released in a comfortable (though unexpected) way!

What Can Be Treated with Total Motion Release?

Patients who benefit from Total Motion Release are usually experiencing one of the following issues:

  1. Pain (back, neck, shoulder, knee)
  2. Post surgical recovery
  3. Orthopedic conditions
  4. Postural issues
  5. Sports injury
  6. Headaches and migraines

Is Total Motion Release Effective?

Yes! Though Total Motion Release is a recently-invented therapeutic approach, studies have shown that it is very effective at improving range of motion in joints after an injury.

What to Expect

Total Motion Release requires greater participation on your part than most other therapies. While a session will never be painful, you can expect to practice repeated exercises as the therapist assesses and helps you work on tension and pain.

Your Synergy Physical therapist will also want to ensure that you’re comfortable performing the exercises that are helpful to you so that you can perform them at home. One of the great things about Total Motion Release is that the movement is always with you to help you fight pain flare-ups. If you wake up and experience more pain one day – perform your personalized program! Your pain will decrease, and your range of motion will improve – right at home (or at the office, etc.) In short, you’re in control.

Take Control of Your Pain
with Simple Exercises that Put You in the Driver’s Seat.

Work with a Synergy Physical Therapist to learn to rebalance your body and relieve pain anytime, anywhere.

When you have pain flare-ups, or tightness returning from an old injury, it can be frustrating to run into the physical therapist’s office every time.
That’s why Total Motion Release is such a gem. Once you establish the correct movements to use with your physical therapist, you can use those movements anytime to relieve pain and restore range of motion.
If you have an old injury requiring you to manage pain and tightness, I hope you come into synergy physical therapists and give it a try. It’ll be a hugely beneficial tool to add to your toolbox.

– Shauna Burchett, Owner