Tricare Physical Therapy

Tricare Physical Therapy for Spokane Valley Veterans

If you’re seeking Tricare Physical Therapy or alternatives to the Veterans Administration – let us help! Get high-quality care from the most experienced occupational and physical therapists in Spokane Valley at no cost to you.

More Options Outside the VA –
at No Cost to You.

The Veterans Choice Act (VCA) was created in 2014 and provided funding for veterans to receive treatment outside their designated Veterans Administration Hospital. The goal was to address potential delays in healthcare access for veterans. In Spokane Valley, Tricare administers this program. So when you’re seeking Tricare physical therapy, need help with a challenging issue, or want a healing modality that can’t be found at the Veterans Administration – Synergy Healthcare can step in at no cost.

So easy – just two steps

Here are the exact steps you need to take to receive care at Synergy Healthcare in Spokane Valley at no cost.

  1. Request to see a “Choice Provider” from your primary care at the VA. Name Synergy Healthcare in Spokane Valley.
  2. Call Synergy Healthcare and let us know you are interested.
    The VA will then send an authorization to Synergy Healthcare. Once Synergy Healthcare receives the authorization, treatments can begin right away.

Options for Tricare Approved Physical Therapy

Thank you for your service. Now let us serve you. Many veterans suffer from ongoing health challenges – from damaged muscles and tissues to ongoing anxiousness. Our unique range of healing modalities (like Frequency Specific Microcurrent) can help with challenges like these. As well as greater physical health and range of motion, we can also help you get better sleep and experience less stress.

We look forward to serving you!

Evelyn (patient) with Nora Grabner, PTA and Shauna Burchett, OT

“No one was like Synergy and the people here. When I first started at Synergy, I was heading towards using a wheelchair and could barely walk. Now I walk on my own. I have had many surgeries due to cancer. I have had one kidney removed and part of my lung, and my thyroid, and have lots of scar tissue that gives me really terrible pain sometimes.

I also have bad memories from the war and sometimes have a really hard time sleeping. Shauna has started using the Frequency Specific Microcurrent machine and I am calmer and so much better. Nora works on my scars and helps me to move better. I couldn’t function without Synergy.


JH (patient) with Shauna Burchett, OTR/L

In September of 2012, while serving in the US Air Force explosive ordnance disposal flight, I was severely injured in a helicopter rocket attack. Along with many other issues that I have been treated for, pain in my lower back and numbness in my legs were among them.

It did not matter if I was sitting, standing, walking, or staying still, I was in constant pain. Since I have begun getting treatment for this condition at Synergy, I am now able to go for hikes with my family as well as stand and sit for longer periods of time. Synergy Healthcare is the place for you if you are looking for a place to feel like a person and not a number, and I highly recommend the services that they provide.

– JH


How do I know that I won’t be charged for physical therapy treatments?

The VA will pay 100% for your treatments at Synergy Healthcare, provided that you get a referral for authorization. To make sure you’re covered, you’ll need to contact your VA primary care doctor. Ask them for an authorization to see a “Choice Provider” in the community. Then, name Synergy Healthcare as the provider you want to see.

Once Synergy Healthcare clinic receives the authorization, treatments can begin immediately. We’ll call you to let you know that we’ve received your approval so that you can rest assured that everything is squared away.

Why should I seek TriCare Physical Therapy Outside of the VA?

Fast Care: Sometimes, you must wait a long time to get the treatment you seek at the VA. Synergy Physical Therapy clinic in Spokane Valley can often get you treated quickly. Once you’re our patient, we can even offer same-day treatments for urgent conditions. 

More options for challenging issues: As a highly experienced team of occupational and physical therapists in Spokane Valley, we can offer modalities and healing experiences that the VA may not provide. This can be especially helpful for challenging issues – like ongoing stress, sleeplessness, complex pain, and more. We’d love to use our decades of experience to serve you.

Finding Tricare Physical Therapy Near Me

If you’re in Spokane or Spokane Valley, look no further than Synergy Healthcare in Spokane Valley. Our team has decades of experience in hard-to-find modalities. As a team, we combine our knowledge and skills to make you feel your best. Get the best care available at Synergy.

Book a
Discovery Call

Get the care you need at no cost to you.
Let the team at Synergy Physical Therapy in Spokane Valley walk you through the process to take advantage of the VA’s Care in the Community program.

While Veterans have access to healthcare through the Veteran’s Administration, many have to wait to get appointments or lack access to hard-to-find modalities that might serve them well. While their basic healthcare needs are met, veterans often suffer from complex health challenges not addressed by regular medical care.

That’s why I’m proud to help veterans get the care they need at Synergy physical therapy clinic in Spokane Valley. Our highly experienced team of practitioners has helped many people with PTSD and highly complex diagnoses. We’ll walk you through the exact steps you need to come to our clinic at no cost to you. We’d love to help you as well.

– Shauna Burchett, Owner

Frequency-Specific Microcurrent is a unique and effective therapy. We often find that our clients want to add more Frequency-Specific Microcurrent sessions to their appointments. If you’d like to add more Frequency-Specific Microcurrent sessions than what is covered by the VA we’re happy to help. Cost for Frequency-Specific Microcurrent is 1$ per minute. Most Frequency-Specific Microcurrent programs last 30-90 on average.