Scar tissue

I originally went to synergy because my feet were stiff and felt a little wobbly. Laurie Levine-Lowen released scar tissue in the feet and soon they were more flexible and felt as if they were really a part of me, I felt secure on my feet again. I was amazed and thrilled. No doctor or therapist had taken any interest in my 35+  year history of abdominal tightness, pain and bladder spasms. Lauries treatments provided real relief – 1st I’ve had in years! To me this has been a real miracle! Treatment with Laurie has changed my life. At last I have found someone who listens & has the skills to relieve my discomforts. I am so grateful to Laurie. My life is changed! 

Joyce N.


Growing up I received lots of physical therapy, and as a PT student, I have observed many practices. No place compares to Synergy Healthcare. My experience has been so positive; I would recommend them to everyone. The staff is friendly and helpful. The therapists are effective listeners, extremely personable, highly knowledgeable and skilled in many areas. In one session I received more help than I have received from months of physical therapy elsewhere. I no longer have intense headaches, pain behind my eye, strain or restriction throughout my body. Their special technique has transformed me from head to toe, given me more balance and made me more symmetrical. Movement is easier and thinking is clearer. I couldn’t be happier that I found Synergy. This place is an encouragement that therapy does work and there is hope for you. If you’re looking for something different than standard occupational and physical therapy, this is the place for you!

Whitney W. 

Hip Flexor Pain

Overall Rating: Excellent
Sessions: There were streams of conversation both relaxing and interesting to keep my thoughts occupied and also to grow in personal interest and love between therapist and patient. Laurie is an excellent conversationalist with a “gift for gab”
Massaging: She has been rightly called the “lady with the magic fingers.” Before I started treatment I was virtually in excruciating pain in my right hip flexor and quadriceps—– now all completely gone. I consider this to be a medical miracle. Laurie really knows what she is doing here.
Taping: Her expertise at taping (the best qualified at this clinic according to her titles) contributed much to my physical healing. I keep the tape on as long as I am able.
Summary: I love Laurie personally as well as professionally and would recommend her to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Holly (patient) with Laurie Levine-Lowen, OT

Holly S.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

In 2014 I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome a few months after I fell while running. When I first came to Synergy, I was getting around either on crutches or a knee scooter and I couldn’t drive since it was mainly my right foot that was affected. I had left my job as a laboratory technician as I was unable to work due to physical limitations, pain, and other symptoms of CRPS like fatigue and anxiety. I couldn’t participate in family activities or be the parent that I wanted to be. I was filled with fear that I would never be able to work, be independent and drive myself, be a part of my family, hike, camp, or travel ever again.

The first thing I noticed about Synergy was how the therapists took their time with me. I never felt rushed out and the appointments were a good length. Everyone was so kind, patient, and knowledgeable. It took some time but I eventually began to see improvements and get my life back. Graded Motor Imagery definitely helped me. I spent a lot of time using the Recognise app, motor imagery, and mirror therapy. Arch then taught how to slowly build in exercise and increase it as I progressed and gained confidence. I still have a little pain, but nothing that is not manageable and most importantly I fully have my life back now. I am back at work, I am able to participate in my family life, travel, and do all the outdoor activities I love.

Since my time at Synergy and my recovery I have gone on many trips including Japan in 2016 and the UK in 2018. This photo of me post-recovery is at the Tower of London, a place I have always wanted to visit. I am so grateful for the help I received at Synergy and how they helped me get my life back. I strongly recommend Synergy and all the therapists, especially Arch and his knowledge of complex pain and GMI for people in situations like mine.

Melissa (Synergy patient)

March 2019

Treatments received: Strain Counterstrain, Graded Motor Imagery, exercise progression

Caring Occupational Therapy

Anthony has been seeing Ms. Laurie because of developmental delays in speech and language and learning. He could not express himself to even ask for basic things like, “How are you?” or “I need help”.

The staff is very pleasant, accommodating and helpful to everyone. This place is amazing. If you have a loved one that needs help with whatever problems and the necessary therapies are recommended please come to Synergy Healthcare.

As far as I have seen Mrs. Lori is amazing at what she has done for my son Anthony. He is doing so well with communicating, expressing himself and focusing. He likes coming here and enjoys working with Mrs. Lori.

I would definitely recommend Mrs. Lori and Synergy for those who are looking for loving caring therapy. They do everything they can to help their clients.

Anne R.

Occupational Therapy

I recommend Shauna Burchett at Synergy Healthcare 100%. Shauna is the most compassionate, talented and skilled therapist I have ever worked with. She truly listens and is able to determine what is going on in my body when I can’t find the words to explain what I’m experiencing. She goes above and beyond and has helped me when no other doctor or medical team has been able to find answers.

She has given me hope when I didn’t feel I had any left. She believed in me and for me when all of their medical teams had given up. She walked beside me through heartache and physical suffering and continues to seek ways to find the root of my pain and issues when it feels like everyone else has given up. She is positive and kind and his incredible knowledge and experience.

There is a team atmosphere at Synergy Healthcare and they truly care for their patients. If one practitioner doesn’t have the knowledge or expertise in a certain area one of their teammates does and they use that knowledge and experience to benefit their patients. You receive collaborative care. They are the best of the best. 

Shauna is a skilled practitioner who exceeds all expectations. I recommend Shauna and Synergy Healthcare wholeheartedly and would encourage anyone who is looking for help to seek treatment there. 

Elisa W. 


In the summer of 2019 I suffered from a vestibular attack after receiving cranial sacral treatment. I received this treatment from a well meaning, but less then qualified therapist while on vacation.

The result was immediate. I felt nauseated, dizzy and a loss of balance. Which created difficulty in completing regular everyday tasks such as driving, exercising, chores and even playing with my children.

For three solid months now I have overcome my Vertigo!

During my therapy I even suffered a minor vestibular attack in a corn maze, and by doing the tools I had learned in physical therapy, I was able to bounce back quickly and continue my progress. 

I now have the knowledge and exercise I have learned on my cranial sacral and physical therapy journey to help recover and more importantly, prevent vertigo attacks.

I strongly recommend Synergy Healthcare to help you with your needs, don’t settle for pain and discomfort.


Good Luck!

Melissa C.

Joint tissue

I came to Synergy after being diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder that makes my joints really loose and unstable. When I first came to Synergy, I had chronic, debilitating joint pain and was in a neck brace 23 hours a day. I couldn’t walk or stand for more than 10 minutes, and I couldn’t drive for more than 30 minutes. I really couldn’t do anything without making my pain significantly worse, so I spent most of my time at home. After just a few treatments with Shauna and Chuck, I started to notice an improvement in my pain levels, and I was able to stop wearing my neck brace soon after that. With continued treatment, my pain levels improved drastically. I’m now able to stand, walk, and drive without causing extra pain. Because of everything that Synergy has done for me, I’ve been able to do things and accomplish goals that I thought were impossible because of my chronic pain. Synergy gave me my quality of life back and I’m eternally grateful for that. I absolutely recommend Synergy to anyone.

Katie W.


I was recommended to see Shauna by my naturopath for failure to respond to acid blockers for my reflux.  I had failed almost 2 years of therapy and would need surgery if they couldn’t stop the acid coming from my stomach to my esophagus.  I underwent the visceral manipulation therapy and was taught how to do it myself.  I have to say the treatment was miraculous.  Hard to describe the sense of calm my body felt when everything was moving in the right direction and functioning properly.  I really appreciated the integrated approach and personal care I received at Synergy.  I feel like I’m getting better every day, and I thank Shauna so much for her intuitive and knowledgeable care. 

Deeanna J.

Chronic Pain

I have had chronic pain throughout my body for many years. My neck, right wrist, and left ankle prevented me from doing more than I expected. Also, I wasn’t able to walk, bend over, or even sit for periods of time due to my ankle and lower back issues with degenerative disc disease. I missed hiking and being physically fit the most.

After just 6 or 7 visits between Kevin and Aiko I remember I was able to look at the ceiling again! You don’t realize how much you can’t see without looking up until you can’t. What I’m most thankful for is being able to walk again for a longer period of time and actually be able to bend down more than when I started. 

I love Synergy because I have no neck pain now, they are amazing. I’m hopeful to continue care and soon be able to enjoy a short hike again. I have told my Doc and all my friends about my experience here and will always recommend Synergy!

Rex B.
February 2018

Muscle Tension

Since coming to Synergy for physical therapy, I have learned how my pain and muscle tension were linked to incorrect habits of posture and faulty movement patterns. My movements were poorly organized and felt awkward; I walked with a limp because the R side of my body was constantly tight. I was in a lot of pain.

I discovered that there were muscles my brain had forgotten how to use, and there were muscles that I was using too much. I have been working hard to relearn balanced use of all my muscles in functional activities. 

I can feel the difference when I am using the correct muscles and my joints are aligned. I realize I have a choice about posture and movement, and I know how to use the correct muscles to keep symptoms at bay, even with a very physical job. 

I have more to learn, and more to practice; this process of listening to my body, recognizing my mistakes, and working to correct them is not easy, but it’s worth it. It’s rewarding. I am gaining knowledge about movement and exercise that will pay dividends for the rest of my life. 

James G. 

Patients care- Movement training, Therapeutic Exercise

Movement Therapy

I have been coming to Synergy for about 7 years and have tried other places, but no one was like Synergy and the people here. One time I visited a P.T at another clinic and after a whole session with hot packs she came in for 2 mins ran her thumb down my back and said, come back next week. Also they gave me a 3 foot rubber band and sent me on my way.” I didn’t go back. 

When I first started at Synergy, I was heading towards using a wheelchair and could barely walk. Now I walk on my own. I have had many surgeries due to cancer. I have had one kidney removed and part of my lung, and my thyroid, and have lots of scar tissue that gives me really terrible pain sometimes.  

I also have bad memories from the war and sometimes have a really hard time sleeping. Shauna has started using the FSM machine and I am calmer and so much better. Nora works on my scars and helps me to move better.   
I used to be a bowler and that is my goal, I want to bowl again with my friends. I couldn’t function without Synergy and tell all my Doctors and everyone I meet. I believe in Synergy over all the other rehab centers. I give brochures to friends and family members and doctors and military facilities.


Concussion and Vertigo

Dear Shauna and staff,

Thank you for the excellent personal care that I have received this past year. It has been a tremendous blessing! I am truly grateful for Shauna’s knowledge and training on concussions and super thankful she shut down my vestibular vertigo. I had it for fourteen months. It was such a great relief to feel I could live my life again. I appreciate how patient and kind the entire staff has been… now helping me with a knee injury. I have highly recommended Synergy to my friends. I am grateful for the hope to recover and get moving again.

Lori (patient) with Shauna Burchett, Occupational Therpist

Lori U.
November 2017

Low Back Pain

I was treated at Synergy once a week for about three months by Heather. I came in with lower back pain and received physical therapy. Heather is friendly and really attentive to my needs.

I really liked the Myofascial Release she used on my lower back to relieve pain. I also appreciated the Strain Counterstrain technique Heather used to help strengthen and improve flexibility in my back. The care here is personalized, and I feel much better now.

I will give Synergy a call if I ever need treatment again.

Bethany (patient) with Heather Shipley, physical therapist

Beth M.
November 2017


I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and I was having very severe dizzy spells, nausea, and vomiting. I was pretty much housebound. I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t ride my horse. I didn’t know when the symptoms would come on and be so severe that I couldn’t even walk down the hall without holding on to the walls.

I have been coming to Synergy for almost a year. When I started coming, it seemed like the symptoms were almost immediately relieved. Not completely, at first, but I definitely felt relieved.

As I kept coming, twice a week, the symptoms were less and less severe until I could drive again. I could go out with people and ride my horse again safely. Because it’s real and it helps.

Literally, it changed my life. I was non-functioning, I was very depressed, and now I am a new person. Synergy made my world normal again!

Pam (patient) with Shauna Burchett, occupational therapist

Pam A.
October 2017

Double Mastectomy Recovery

I came in for physical therapy after a double mastectomy. I was having axillary cording issues and my expansion process was painful as a result. I also couldn’t lift my arms, which was a problem because it’s required for radiation therapy. Within a couple weeks, I was able to get the full range of motion required for radiation. My range has since returned to normal, and areas of scar tissue buildup that were painful have been taken care of. The ladies here at Synergy were concerned with my full care and what I wanted to accomplish for long term care and results. I would fully and happily recommend Synergy to anyone recovering from major surgery affecting range of motion. Everyone here has been attentive and caring and I am very pleased with my results.

Jennifer (patient) with Shauna Burchett, occupational therapist and Aiko, former occupational therapist assistant

October 2017

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

I have Ehlers-Danlos, a hypermobility disorder that affects connective tissue, leading to joint instability. I also have mast cell activation disorder, dysautonomia, poor proprioception, cfs/me, IBS, and adrenal fatigue.

I’ve been coming [to Synergy] for 4 years. It’s hard to be brief because I’ve gotten such a tremendous amount of help here. I was very ill when I came in. I was pretty much bed bound. What was most beneficial to me in coming to Synergy Healthcare, is the diversity of treatments that are provided. And that the therapists have such extensive training. They have been able to treat all of my issues, helping me to greatly lessen all of the effects of my illnesses. I have a way to go. But I’ve gotten back a sense of living again. I’m becoming more and more stable in my joints. I have more energy. I’m able to help with housework, sit in a car, even drive around town without severe damage to my joints. I can go to a movie theatre or restaurant now. I’m out of bed far more than in my bed daily. And, best of all, I have an interest in life again. Was able to put a garden in, create in my art studio, visit with friends, enjoy outings with my husband. All things I had lost.    I am so grateful for this clinic and each therapist I’ve seen.

I recommend Synergy to everyone I meet that has a need. It is a very good place for therapy with therapists who genuinely want to find ways to get patients well again.

Cynthia (patient) with Kevin Brick, occupational therapist

Cynthia U.
September 2017


I have COPD and I was just about ready to give up. I couldn’t’ breath. I couldn’t do anything even walking up from our basement I’d be out of breath instantly.  At the top of the stairs, I would have to go sit down. Over the last 8 treatments, I’m able to go up and down the stairs 4 or time 5 times at once and I might only be a little out of breath. Now I can mow the lawn. I don’t have to sit down I can just keep going.

I got treated with the Frequency Specific Microcurrent. It doesn’t hurt, you can barely sense it going on. I have to rate it very good. Basically, you get to come in a take a nap for an hour. It will almost put you to sleep throughout the rest of the day. I had a treatment for PTSD and that really helped. It calmed things down, it stayed with you.

It keeps going, it’s your body healing the whole time.

David (patient) with Shauna Burchett, occupational therapist

David U.
September 2017
Patient was treated using Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM).

Car Accident Recovery

In October 2014 while driving on I-90, I passed out/blacked out caused by an intestinal infection. Passersby said I rolled 14 times. When I was admitted to the hospital, my heart was out of rhythm. I was going into septic shock and my shoulder was damaged. My heart stabilized and the infection was treated. I was place in a rehab facility for my shoulder, then released. In December, because of continued pain and limited flexibility, I had an MRI and was diagnosed as having a torn rotator cuff. The end of December it was repaired with surgery. I completed the recommended Physical Therapy following surgery.

My Osteopathic Physician referred me to Synergy for further therapy for shoulder range of motion and strength  building: as well as OT and PT for neck, back, hips and knee adjustment resulting from rolling my car. I was treated for alignment, flexibility, and strength building. Because I was having problems with balance, memory recall, speed of mental processing, no sense of smell, sleep problems and headaches; I received adjustments for my skull. I have also been doing the ILS program.

Additional background regarding my health- in 2003, I had a series of concussions (4-6 in an 18hr period)

As a result of the surgery and the following PT, as well as the OT and PT at Synergy, I have improved in all of the above areas including my sense of smell! ILS and skull adjustments at Synergy have certainly aided my mental processing issues. The recovery of my shoulder and other physical conditions affecting my health and movement allow me to function extremely well at age 68.

Yes, I would recommend Synergy to friends and family as well as my doctors.

Ken E.
September 2017
Patient was treated by Shauna, Chuck and Arch.

Progressing Patient

To whom it may concern:

As you may know the definition of the word synergy is the interaction or cooperation of two or more agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Synergy Healthcare is the perfect name for this healthcare facility. I have been coming to this facility for approximately two months with 3 separate medical issues that other healthcare professionals could only offer surgery, or explain that there’s nothing that can really be done for these ailments. The kind and caring people who work here have shown me that there is hope for the future. While I still have a ways to go, we (myself and my practitioners) have made significant progress towards eliminating my physical impairments! I have been sharing with my family and friends about this practice. My wife had her first appointment last week. I can’t wait for her to experience the same blessings that I have experienced.

Richard (patient) with Aiko, former OTA and Shauna Burchett, OT

Richard A.
August 2017

Post Surgical Pain

I had knee arthroscopy one year ago to repair a torn meniscus and clean out arthritis behind the patella. Since the procedure the pain has increased as my knee mobility decreased. I have had to cut back on my walking.

A patient who was seeing Kevin for FSM recommended I try a treatment. I was skeptical that it would work for me, boy was I pleasantly surprised. After just one treatment I was able to sleep without pain meds and the ice pack I have resorted to for the past few months.

I am looking forward to more sessions to allow me to walk for exercise again.

Nora (patient, PTA) with Kevin Brick, occupational therapist

August 2017
Patient was treated using Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM).

Scar Tissue and Post-Traumatic Stress

I have been coming to Synergy for about 7 years and have tried other places, but no one was like Synergy and the people here. One time I visited a P.T at another clinic and after a whole session with hot packs she came in for 2 mins ran her thumb down my back and said, come back next week. Also they gave me a 3 foot rubber band and sent me on my way. I didn’t go back.

When I first started at Synergy, I was heading towards using a wheelchair and could barely walk. Now I walk on my own. I have had many surgeries due to cancer. I have had one kidney removed and part of my lung, and my thyroid, and have lots of scar tissue that gives me really terrible pain sometimes.

I also have bad memories from the war and sometimes have a really hard time sleeping. Shauna has started using the FSM machine and I am calmer and so much better. Nora works on my scars and helps me to move better.

I used to be a bowler and that is my goal, I want to bowl again with my friends. I couldn’t function without Synergy and tell all my Doctors and everyone I meet. I believe in Synergy over all the other rehab centers. I give brochures to friends and family members and doctors and military facilities.

Evelyn (patient) with Nora Grabner, PTA and Shauna Burchett, OT

August 2017


I came to Synergy for visceral therapy to address many abdominal scars and chronic lymphedema.  I spent many years in pain and so weighted down from the fluid build-ups and never could find someone who understood why or how to help me.  Then I met Shauna and she knew just what needed to be done because she knew what was going on inside of me.  I’ve been coming for a month and I am 50% better already.  My legs feel lighter and I don’t feel like I’m dragging heavy weights.  She made me comfortable and her knowledge gives me confidence but the best is that my body is responding to the treatment!  If you’ve tried traditional medicine and can’t seem to get the help you need, I say, give Synergy a chance and you will not be disappointed.

Kathryn S.
June 2017


During the fall of 2016, I was referred to Synergy Healthcare for treatment of severe lymphedema. They treated me with respect and patience, being creative in using various modalities, as I slowly changed my lifestyle to incorporate their techniques for ongoing health maintenance. During the treatment process, four different professionals applied their expertise to find the most effective techniques. By the end of the treatments, the sores stopped spontaneously appearing on my legs and the swelling was reduced to a manageable level.

I also enjoyed the relational nature of the Synergy professionals. Going to a treatment session was educational and enjoyable. I learned much from our discussions. I heartily recommend Synergy Healthcare!

Vaughn (patient) with Kevin Brick, OT

Vaughn S.
April 2017


On August 31, 2016, in the middle of the night, I got up to take some ibuprofen for an acute pain I was having in my back. For some reason, I fainted twice and my head hit the floor both times. The result was a severe concussion, which took me completely out of commission for several months. The post-concussion symptoms I struggled with were exhaustion, upper body stiffness, vertigo, nausea, lack of appetite and the inability to track whatever I attempted to read.

I was referred to Synergy by my chiropractor, Kelly Pearson, and I first saw Chuck Depner, who did the strain-counter-strain physical therapy method and helped me relieve the tenseness held in my upper body. I also saw Amy Pemberton, who did cranio-sacral massage therapy and worked very hard to treat my vertigo and the other symptoms that were so debilitating. Currently I am seeing Shauna Burchett, and her work has complemented Amy’s and Chuck’s just like the tasty icing on a beautiful cake.

Today I feel 90% better than I did when I first walked into Synergy a couple of months ago. My symptoms are minimal and I am confident that my recovery will be complete.

I cannot express the gratitude I feel for my therapists and how they have helped me get back to my normal, energetic self. Their knowledge, kindness, guidance and encouragement have been tremendous.

Synergy is an amazingly welcoming place. I feel that the entire staff cares about me and my well-being. I am infinitely thankful to have found Synergy and I would highly recommend the clinic.

I plan to return periodically to maintain the gains I have achieved.

Marisa S.
Februrary 2017
Patient received Craniosacral Therapy, Strain Counterstrain, and Integrated Listening System (iLS).

Low Back Pain

In September of 2012, while serving in the US Air Force explosive ordnance disposal flight, I was severely injured in a helicopter rocket attack.  Along with many other issues that I have been treated for, pain in my lower back and numbness in my legs were among them.  This pain was and remains one of my constant problems.  It did not matter if I was sitting, standing, walking, or staying still, I was in constant pain.  Since I have begun getting treatment for this condition at Synergy, I am now able to go for hikes with my family as well as stand and sit for longer periods of time.  When my lower back pain starts to increase I am now able to sit for a few minutes and it will begin to subside, I also have some exercises that will reduce my pain.   Synergy Healthcare is the place for you if you are looking for a place to feel like a person and not a number, and I highly recommend the services that they provide.

JH (patient) with Shauna Burchett, OT

December 2015
Patient received Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Strain Counterstrain.

Integrated Listening System

Before I did the ILS I was disorganized and had lots of work in school that I had not done, also I could never do one task without getting distracted somehow. I didn’t have a very high self esteem. While I did the attention and concentration program on the ILS, initially, I could not focus right after I did it, but within about an hour, my focus was really good and I could do one task really well. However, if I tried to do something like play ping pong or shoot hoops while doing the ILS, those activities were really difficult. But over the course of doing the whole program, I became very adept at those activities. After I finished the whole program I was even better, I had no more missing homework and could focus in school and had a much higher self esteem. My teacher even asked me what I was doing because it was such a big difference.

SMB (patient) wearing Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) headphonesSMB – gifted student, age 12
August 2015
Patient was treated using Integrated Listening System (iLS).

Vision and Imbalance Issues

On 9/2/14 I was rear ended in a car accident that left me with vision and imbalance issues. After 2 visits to my family doctor, 16 weeks of Physical Therapy and an MRI, I was told my vision and imbalance issues were Post Traumatic Stress reaction to the accident.

I didn’t take this answer as truth. It took me 3 months to find Shauna Burchett. During the initial visit she not only listened to my complaints but heard them. I left with a portion of my vision corrected and the validation “it’s not in my head”. I’m doing much better and only wish I found her sooner.

I highly recommend to everyone that wants to get better to talk with Shauna.

May 2015
Patient received Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Strain Counterstrain, and Integrated Listening System (iLS).

Traumatic Brain Injury

I have a severe traumatic brain injury that occurred on July 23, 2014. I began going to Synergy in December 2014. When I began, I couldn’t speak properly, I didn’t have much balance, I couldn’t straighten my fingers , move my left hand or left arm. I did not have any past time memories, and I couldn’t recall what I did from day to day. They have tremendously helped me! All of these areas have improved about 50% and my speech is almost 100%. They are amazing!

April 2015
Patient received Craniosacral Therapy, Strain Counterstrain,  Feldenkrais,  and Myofascial Release.

Knee Pain

My left knee was swelled up and I was in a lot of pain when I arrived for my first session. After doing my exercises at Synergy and at home, the pain left and the swelling disappeared. After the three sessions, my knee is normal and flexibility in my body has greatly improved.  I do the daily exercises recommended. I highly recommend my therapist Becky Clark, PT.

October 2014
Patient received Strain Counterstrain.