Strain Counterstrain for Headaches & Sinus Problems

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Man with headache


Sinus pressure, facial pain, sinus congestion, and headaches are patient complaints that we hear every week. Patients with these symptoms can be treated with a Strain Counterstrain approach that helps the health of the sinuses.

The sinuses can be treated by treating the 4 cranial bones around the sinuses. Some of the bones in the face move forward and back or rotate in and out in what’s called a Cranial Rhythm. Counterstrain treatment improves the motion of the bones to create a pumping motion that vents or opens up the sinuses to keep them clear. Venous and Lymphatic Drainage is also helped by this pumping action and is important for the health of these tissues.

The treatment program also includes treatment to dysfunctional neck and upper back vertebrae that excite the sympathetics to the sinuses, promoting improved health by increasing cranial arterial flow and lymphatic drainage.

We can release or mobilize bones in the head by using specific techniques to drain congested sinuses. Also new are techniques for the cranial, venous, lymphatic and arterial system. These techniques will relieve sinus headaches, congestion and pain secondary to previous facial trauma, car accidents and infections. Colds and allergies effect the sinuses but severity of symptoms can be lessened when improved function is present.

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