New Therapy for Chronic Elbow Pain in Spokane

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Total Motion Release Your Pain Away

Total Motion Release Your Pain Away

At Synergy Healthcare in Spokane, we offer physical therapy and Occupational therapy to help you with elbow pain. 

Do you have elbow pain you cannot get rid of from tennis, golf or just ordinary activity? Why not try something new.

Many therapists find it very difficult to get rid of elbow pain and many times it just comes back when people return to activity. Why not try something new to get rid of your pain and get rid of it faster? It’s called Total Motion Release (TMR). With this treatment, you look for other dysfunctions in the body. In the past, you may have had shoulder pain, back pain, a sprained ankle, or a bad knee. If those areas were not corrected to 100%, the body will compensate and you will overuse other parts of the body like the elbow. Most importantly, we need to look at the WHOLE BODY and fix it–not just the painful area (the elbow). We evaluate and find what areas in your body are not working correctly, fix them very quickly with TMR, and your elbow pain goes away. So come and give it a try!

Long term results are what makes TMR so powerful.  The reason is – ours skills as a therapist are ‘given’ to the patient so they can treat themselves.  One might think teaching a patient the skills to fix themselves would require a lot of time.  This is not the case.

Total Motion Release tests for the biggest imbalances in the 5 largest joints of the body – the Shoulders, Spine, Hips, Knees, & Ankles using ONLY 6 motions.  We call them the FAB 6.

Here is an example of elbow pain with severe swelling and how it was fixed with Total Motion Release:

TEACHING patients to fix themselves and then seeing them do it quickly, hands down beats the traditional TREATING of the patient.   As a physical therapist I want to ‘give my skill away’ to my patient.  With Total Motion Release I can do that.

The purpose of life is to find your gift.  The meaning of life is to give it away.  David Viscott

The Benefits of Total Motion Release [TMR]

  • Teaches Patients to Fix Themselves
  • Takes less visits than traditional therapy
  • Improve Patient Compliance – able to achieve results at  home in sessions of 10 minutes or less.
  • Is a life long skill that can be used for any ache or pain be it chronic or acute.
  • Works on variety of conditions such as pre & post joint surgeries, herniated discs, arthritis or just ‘old age.’
  • Helps with those who suffer from pain with prolonged standing, sitting or walking
  • Improves function & performance of daily activities and athletic performances.
  • Did we mentioned – the Patient learns to fix themselves faster than most therapists can.  That’s pretty cool!

How Long Does TMR Last?

The fact that TMR teaches you to use other parts of the body to fix an injured area isn’t the greatest thing about TMR. You just get rid of pain fast. The skills that you learn will help you treat pains you have throughout your body or someone else in your family with pain.