Body Awareness with Feldenkrais


Synergy is proud to have Nora Graebner PTA, a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Instructor on staff to bring this wonderful therapy technique to Spokane! The Feldenkrais Method® (FM) is based on awareness, or knowledge of your body. The goal is to improve your awareness of how you use and sense your body. Once you perceive the way your body moves through everyday functions you can  shift those movements into healthy habits. Awareness is the first step of your journey to learn and re-organize that learning into more efficient movement. Awareness can broaden and deepen your life.


What Is Feldenkrais?

Many of your everyday movements are made on “auto-pilot” until they cause you pain to the point that your body cannot perform in the way you want it to. When we thoughtlessly move the way we always have, we can cause damage or dysfunction. FM® offers the option of changing how you move into a more efficient, effective and easy way of life.

The Feldenkrais Method® is an educational approach, similar to an owners manual on “how to use your body”. It enhances flexibility, coordination, ease of movement and balance. FM® lessons address each person’s unique movement patters and explores options that might require less effort, increase range of motion, comfort and actually make movement enjoyable!


Functional Integration®

These lessons are a one-on-one session with the practitioner and student. They are a hands-on form of kinesthetic communication. The Feldenkrais practitioner communicates to the student how they organize their body and hints, through gentle touching and movement, how to move in more expanded functional motor patterns.

A lesson is custom-tailored to the unique configuration of that particular person, at that particular moment. The practitioner conveys the experience of comfort, enjoyment, and ease of movement while the student learns how to reorganize their body and behavior in new and more effective manners.

Nora can incorporate this therapy into your normal physical therapy regimen so call us at (509) 413-1630 to set up an appointment.


Awareness Through Movement® Classes

These group classes consist of verbally directed movement sequences that focus on a specific area of the body. This allows you to explore how a particular part moves in relation to your WHOLE body. The lessons begin with comfortable, easy movements that gradually evolve into greater range of motion and difficulty.

ATMs® last approximately 40-50 minutes and can be done in a lying, sitting or standing position. Comfort and ease of movement are primary goals in learning what is optimal position for their unique situation. Many sequences are based on  infant developments that affect neuro-muscular patterns in the brain.

We hold Awareness Through Movement classes every week in our Spokane Valley clinic. For current class times and pricing information, please view our weekly class schedule or call us at (509) 413-1630.