Nora Graebner, PTA

Nora pic

Nora Graebner grew up on the west side of the state, fell in love with a Marine, got married and moved far, far away. She has lived all over the US including: Alabama, Virginia, Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas, California, Texas, Maryland and Tennessee, plus a year long adventure in Okinawa.
She studied to be a Physical Therapist Assistant, graduating from STCC at Memphis in 2007. Preview occupations include: architectural drafting, hospice volunteering, mothering & domestic bliss. Most recently she finished training as a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and looks forward to furthering her manual therapy skills in Strain Counter Strain, Total Motion Release and Craniosacral Therapy.
“I like the integrated approach Synergy offers people. It is important that the patient take an active role in their health and well-being, working with the therapist rather than just coming into the office to get ‘fixed’. Wellness involves the whole self: mind, body and spirit.”
Nora and her husband have recently moved to Spokane for Steve’s retirement. She is looking forward to doing more outside activities including: snow shoeing, cross country skiing, crewing/rowing, fly fishing, shooting, hiking and playing with her boxers, Tilly & Max.
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