Feldenkrais: Unlock a Better Yoga Experience

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woman doing yoga pose indoors on black yoga mat


While yoga poses create awareness, they can become habitual in the way they are practiced. Without realizing it, many are using more effort than is needed. This can lead to neck pain and back pain during their yoga practice, making it a much more difficult and potentially painful experience. The gentle, simple, inquisitive process of an Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lesson opens and deepens your kinesthetic knowledge paving the way for a better yoga experience.

Feldenkrais emphasizes small, enjoyable and subtle movements to give more insight into the way that you habitually move. Once a bad habit is discovered, it can be retrained into a more efficient pattern. This can improve yoga poses and deepen the practice, guiding to you to move more smoothly and easily. By slowing down (so that we can sense and feel more clearly how we are moving), we begin to experience the yoga postures as dynamic, rejuvenating and endlessly interesting.

What Feldenkrais Lessons Can Do to Help Improve Your Yoga Practice

  • Increased awareness of self
  • Increased range and ease of motion
  • Help identify habitual misuse and/or overuse of self
  • Unify the body as a “whole” in yoga asanas
  • Further enhance breath work
  • Break down asanas into smaller, slower, easier segments


The essence of yoga has always been about transformation, invention, and adapting to the times. In that spirit, Feldenkrais is an exquisite way to enter into the practice of yoga that is relevant, safe, and empowering for you, as an individual. First and foremost, the Feldenkrais Method is concerned with learning—our endless human potential to reorganize and adapt, to reinvent ourselves and evolve—much like the essence of yoga.


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