Lymph Therapy Techniques

lymph3Your Lymphatic System is a complex network of nodes, ducts and capillaries. Woven delicately throughout the body this system is fundamental to your bodies ability to heal from injuries and maintain a strong immune system.

What happens when lymph doesn’t flow properly? What can you do to help your lymphatic flow and by extension your entire well-being? Synergy is proud to provide the answers to these questions and more in a 5-class series that focuses on self lymph drainage techniques. Taught by our very own Shauna Burchett, OTR/L and at only $30 per class (total $150 due in full) this series is a great investment in your health. Have more questions? Need to know exact class dates and times? Feel free to call our office at (509) 413-1630 or email us at


Class Descriptions:

Introduction– The Main Drains: This class will open with a lecture about how the lymphatic system works. The second half will be an introduction to lymphatic therapy techniques,  anatomy and an in-depth discussion of the contraindications of lymph therapy. You will learn where all the main drains are in the body and how to affect them. This is the foundation for all other classes.

The Neck & Face(two separate classes): These classes will include a review from level one and teach techniques for the face & neck. These are great for sinuses & some headaches. In addition to techniques these class will cover the chemical and biological composition of lymph fluid. – Ever wondered…How do I get rid of congestion in my head?

The  Arms: Building on the skills from the previous sessions this class will focus on drainage of the arms and hands. We will teach you simple, yet powerful, techniques to  impact swelling and the effects of scar tissue.


The Legs: Beginning with a review from the previous classes, this class primarily focuses on drainage of the legs and feet. Additional techniques to reduce swelling in the lower extremities will be covered. There is also a discussion of the microbiology of how the lymphatic system works and why it is so vital to the body.

The Breasts: Breast health is something very important to all of us. We will cover how to apply techniques to breast tissue that can promote better movement of lymph through that part of the body. We will also have a brief discussion about breast health in general.

Note: These classes are not appropriate for those with severe lymphedema.

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