I came to Synergy for visceral therapy to address many abdominal scars and chronic lymphedema.  I spent many years in pain and so weighted down from the fluid build-ups and never could find someone who understood why or how to help me.  Then I met Shauna and she knew just what needed to be done because she knew what was going on inside of me.  I’ve been coming for a month and I am 50% better already.  My legs feel lighter and I don’t feel like I’m dragging heavy weights.  She made me comfortable and her knowledge gives me confidence but the best is that my body is responding to the treatment!  If you’ve tried traditional medicine and can’t seem to get the help you need, I say, give Synergy a chance and you will not be disappointed.

Kathryn S. (June 2017)


On August 31, 2016, in the middle of the night, I got up to take some ibuprofen for an acute pain I was having in my back. For some reason, I fainted twice and my head hit the floor both times. The result was a severe concussion, which took me completely out of commission for several months. The post-concussion symptoms I struggled with were exhaustion, upper body stiffness, vertigo, nausea, lack of appetite and the inability to track whatever I attempted to read.

I was referred to Synergy by my chiropractor, Kelly Pearson, and I first saw Chuck Depner, who did the strain-counter-strain physical therapy method and helped me relieve the tenseness held in my upper body. I also saw Amy Pemberton, who did cranio-sacral massage therapy and worked very hard to treat my vertigo and the other symptoms that were so debilitating. Currently I am seeing Shauna Burchett, and her work has complemented Amy’s and Chuck’s just like the tasty icing on a beautiful cake.

Today I feel 90% better than I did when I first walked into Synergy a couple of months ago. My symptoms are minimal and I am confident that my recovery will be complete.

I cannot express the gratitude I feel for my therapists and how they have helped me get back to my normal, energetic self. Their knowledge, kindness, guidance and encouragement have been tremendous.

Synergy is an amazingly welcoming place. I feel that the entire staff cares about me and my well-being. I am infinitely thankful to have found Synergy and I would highly recommend the clinic.

I plan to return periodically to maintain the gains I have achieved.

Marisa S. (February 2017)

Patient received CranioSacral therapy, Strain counter strain, Integrated Listening System


Low back pain

In September of 2012, while serving in the US Air Force explosive ordnance disposal flight, I was severely injured in a helicopter rocket attack.  Along with many other issues that I have been treated for, pain in my lower back and numbness in my legs were among them.  This pain was and remains one of my constant problems.  It did not matter if I was sitting, standing, walking, or staying still, I was in constant pain.  Since I have begun getting treatment for this condition at Synergy, I am now able to go for hikes with my family as well as stand and sit for longer periods of time.  When my lower back pain starts to increase I am now able to sit for a few minutes and it will begin to subside, I also have some exercises that will reduce my pain.   Synergy Healthcare is the place for you if you are looking for a place to feel like a person and not a number, and I highly recommend the services that they provide.

J.H.   (December 2016)

Patient received CranioSacral therapy, Myofascial release, Strain counter strain


Integrated Listening System

“Before I did the ILS I was disorganized and had lots of work in school that I had not done, also I could never do one task without getting distracted somehow. I didn’t have a very high self esteem. While I did the attention and concentration program on the ILS, initially, I could not focus right after I did it, but within about an hour, my focus was really good and I could do one task really well. However, if I tried to do something like play ping pong or shoot hoops while doing the ILS, those activities were really difficult. But over the course of doing the whole program, I became very adept at those activities. After I finished the whole program I was even better, I had no more missing homework and could focus in school and had a much higher self esteem. My teacher even asked me what I was doing because it was such a big difference.”

S.M.B- gifted student age 12 (August 2015)

Patient’s care: Integrated Listening System


Vision and imbalance issues

“On 9/2/14 I was rear ended in a car accident that left me with vision and imbalance issues. After 2 visits to my family doctor, 16 weeks of Physical Therapy and an MRI, I was told my vision and imbalance issues were Post Traumatic Stress reaction to the accident.

I didn’t take this answer as truth. It took me 3 months to find Shauna Burchett. During the initial visit she not only listened to my complaints but heard them. I left with a portion of my vision corrected and the validation “it’s not in my head”. I’m doing much better and only wish I found her sooner.

I highly recommend to everyone that wants to get better to talk with Shauna. ”

D.W. (May 2015)

Patient’s care: CranioSacral therapy, Myofascial release, Strain counter strain, Integrated listening system


Traumatic brain injury

“I have a severe traumatic brain injury that occurred on July 23, 2014. I began going to Synergy in December 2014. When I began, I couldn’t speak properly, I didn’t have much balance, I couldn’t straighten my fingers , move my left hand or left arm. I did not have any past time memories, and I couldn’t recall what I did from day to day. They have tremendously helped me! All of these areas have improved about 50% and my speech is almost 100%. They are amazing!”.

M.W. ( April 2015)

Patient’s care: Craniosacral therapy, Strain counter strain,  Feldenkrais,  and Myofascial Release.


Knee Pain

“My left knee was swelled up and I was in a lot of pain when I arrived for my first session. After doing my exercises at Synergy and at home, the pain left and the swelling disappeared. After the three sessions, my knee is normal and flexibility in my body has greatly improved.  I do the daily exercises recommended. I highly recommend my therapist Becky Clark, PT.”

L.W. (October 2014)

Patient received Strain counter strain and Total Motion Release

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