Injury Profile: Strain (Pulled Muscle)

What is it? As the name implies this injury occurs when the muscle is pulled or stretched beyond its capacity cause the fibers or tendons to tear. Strains can be rated mild, moderate or severe depending on how many muscle fibers are torn. Mild: few muscle fibers torn, accompanied by mild bruising and pain. Moderate: a lot of muscle fibers torn, noticeable bruising and it hurts pretty bad. Severe: a total tear (muscle can ball up because there's no more tension), really bad bruising an...

Weekend TBB Training

  TBB was developed by  John Wernham D.O. as a way to scan the total body during one treatment and reveal areas of restriction and dysfunction. The technique utilizes principles of osteopathy enabling the therapist to discover and treat chronic pain, decreased range of motion and while increasing flexibility. TBB takes approximately one hour and is painless, gentle and relaxing for the patient who lies on the table during the process. You might think of it as an "active" massage, ...

Move From Muscle Pain to Flexibility with ATM lessons

  What can you expect if you come to an Awareness Through Movement® Class? ATM ® is a  group lesson in a casual, relaxed setting. They can be done lying or sitting on the floor, sitting on a chair or in standing. The overall goal is to make sure the student is as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Plan to wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing that will not restrict your movement. Learning and awareness are optimal when a person is not stressed, uncomfortable or in pain. Verbal...

What Physical Thearapy can do for Scar Tissue

The formation of scar tissue following surgery
The body is a closed system, safely sealed from the outside world.  The openings of the body are highly protected areas that have many failsafe features to keep what comes in and out of the body well regulated.  This ensures that the systems inside our body can function effectively without any major insults. If the body is forced open at any other location (i.e. surgery or injury), the body will produce scar tissue in an attempt to support the damaged area and begin repair.  This scar tissue ...

What are the causes of low back pain?

lower back pain
You know what? Lower back pain is like the annoying IRS. It will get you no matter who you are; man, woman, American, Canadian, athlete, couch potato, actor, banker, I could go on.  Just like people pay money to get the most out of their tax return, why not learn more about lower back pain so you can live your life to the fullest?  Two of the major causes of lower back pain are an overuse injury and degenerative changes of spine. First of all, you need to listen to your back. Your back is...

Lymphatic Drainage Technique- What is it?

water drop for DCG
Lymphatic Drainage Technique Lymphatic Drainage Technique Relieves or Reduces headache, muscle Pain, toxins, chronic Pain, symptoms of fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and swelling.  Manual Lymph Drainage is a non-invasive massage technique developed in Europe in the 1930s. It is a safe, gentle and painless, hands-on technique that drains excess fluid from the tissues and also has detoxifying effects. The practitioner uses their hands and fingers stimulating gentle, wave-like movements t...