Strain Counter Strain

Strain Counterstrain

Strain counterstrain is an osteopathic manual medicine technique created in the 1950s by Dr. Lawrence Jones, D.O. The therapists at Synergy have received their training directly from instructors from the Jones Institute.


It emphasizes correction of abnormal neuromuscular reflexes through the treatment of tender points. Tender points are discrete, pea-sized areas of tenderness that are manifestations of specific neuromuscular dysfunctions. The tender point is found in the shortened muscle group, which is not necessarily in the muscle groups that have pain.


Counterstrain technique is a passive manipulation of the body’s deep fascial proprioceptors with the goal of normalizing associated nocifensive and noci-autonomic reflexes that maintain spinal cord central sensitization. The clinical effects include decreased nociception, decreased inflammation, improved flexibility, improved proprioception, normalization of muscle tone, and improved functional performance. We now know that vessel proprioceptors found in the veins and arteries respond to lessening of a stretch, which translates into a reduction in myogenic tone.

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