yoga1Movement is life.  When we stop moving, bad things happen.  The different systems of the body rely on movement to deliver nutrients and to whisk away waste products.  From the cardiovascular with the blood or the lymphatic with it’s own flow, to the nerves with their axoplasmic flow.  There isn’t a system in the body that does not need movement.  When we move we allow the cardiovascular and lymphatic  systems  to become more efficient.  Located very near the arteries are the veins, lymph vessels and the nerves to different areas of the body.  The veins and lymph vessels use the pulse of the arteries  to help move along it’s respected fluids.  The venous and lymphatic systems are the vessels that help to deliver waste products to our various filtering organs.  Without proper movement of these structures, the waste products become more stagnant.  The body has to work extra hard, and use extra energy, to rid the body of this waste product.

Ever wonder why you’re so tired all the time?  Wonder why you don’t have energy to exercise?  It’s a vicious cycle,  the more you don’t move , the harder it is to move.  It’s hard for most people to start moving so remember that when you start any movement exercise,   you’re not in it alone.  It will start to get easier, sometimes really quick. It doesn’t matter which form of movement, just start moving.   Another great by-product of movement, is the release of hormones that help you deal with stress and pain,  and the feel good hormones that you always hear about.  Check with your local gyms for different forms of movement, and don’t forget to increase your water with increased exercise.  You can also try a gentle yoga program at Synergy Healthcare in Spokane Valley.  We tailor our exercise program for those that haven’t been moving for a long time. Remember to consult your physician before starting any exercise routine.

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