Gentle Spine Mobilization

This technique can be very effective in relieving Back Pain, Stiffness, neck pain, nerve pain, and even headaches.

Gentle Spinal Mobilization is used to restore normal motion of the spine. The therapist gently rocks, glides, or rotates the restricted or stiff part of the spine. The movement is done with rhythmic motions in a pain free manner and never involves sharp, fast, or forceful movements.  We do not do high velocity manipulation (what Chiropractors do).  In Washington state it is beyond the scope of practice of physical, occupational or massage therapists to employ these techniques.  We have relationships with many chiropractors in the area that we can refer you if this is a technique that we think would be beneficial.

When we mobilize the spine it is always in conjunction with some sort of soft tissue release.  We would mobilize the soft tissue including the muscles, ligaments, tendons that are inserting around the area.  We evaluate the range of motion above and below the area that is causing you the most problems.  We would also look at your ribs and see how they are moving. The other techniques that we would employ include myofascial release, strain counter strain, muscle energy, and also some dural tube mobilization techniques.


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