Arch Harrison, PTA

Arch-Harrison-physical-therapy-assistant-spokaneArch Harrison, PTA, LMP, JSCC has been a Licensed Massage Practitioner for over 27 years and a Physical Therapy Assistant for 21 years. As a massage therapist, he has specialized in sports massage, stress reduction, and deep fascial massage. He received his Strain-Counter-Strain certification in 2006 and has since incorporated this effective technique into his work as a Physical Therapy assistant.He offers Surface Electromyography for muscle re-education and he’s also currently exploring Graded Motor Imagery effective for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.His passion for providing service is not just a job; it’s a way of life, an integral part of who he is. In addition to providing top quality therapy he has been involved in Search and Rescue and the Ski Patrol, and an Avalanche Safety instructor. He also expresses his love of the outdoors as a bicyclist, back-country skier and back packer.

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