About Synergy

Shauna Burchett – Occupational Therapist and Owner

Synergy Healthcare was established in 2002.  Shauna was one of two founding owners.  In 2005 she bought the practice from her partner and took the clinic strongly into the direction of manual therapy from an Osteopathic perspective.   She opened a larger clinic in Spokane Valley, where you can find us today, in 2009 exactly 7 years to the date of the first clinic. There was such a need in the Spokane Valley for what Synergy offered. Many clients requested us to move out to the valley and so we did.

At Synergy, we offer an integrated approach to healing and recovery through Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Feldenkrais. Our practitioners all specialize in manual, (hands on) therapy and have a deep respect for the therapeutic techniques of the Osteopathic profession. Much of our practitioners’ training has been from osteopaths willing to share their experience and expertise.

These advanced techniques are highly effective in relieving chronic, (ongoing) pain and speeding injury recovery, and are not commonly found at other clinics. The techniques we employ include myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, strain counter strain, muscle energy, trigger point therapy, soft tissue and joint mobilization, and specific exercise prescription including total motion release.

Our therapists look at the whole person and take time to listen to your concerns.  Sometimes one type of treatment is enough to resolve a health condition and sometimes the combined talent of a team is more effective. We look for what is causing the problem, so you can get well and live life to the fullest.  Sometimes I describe this process to patients like dominoes.  Something happened a long time ago that started the process of how your body got to where it is today.  We compensate for an injury and then our body adapts to this new range of motion.  After time, we may or may not even realize that our body has slightly changed to accommodate.  Then we have a whiplash injury and yet again loose more range.  Perhaps we have a fall and loose even more range.  All of these issues can combine together to put us into  state where chronic pain can become unmanageable.

The kinds of issues we treat include  back pain, neck pain, headaches, whiplash injuries, foot pain, hip pain, sciatica, abdominal pain.  We also treat individuals with incontinence and abdominal pain.  We also address scar tissue. We treat everyone from infancy through to the elderly.  With children we work on developmental delay issues.  We assist them structurally and work in conjunction with other therapists who help kids functionally.

Each patient receives care that is customized for the specific individual. Care at Synergy includes, manual therapy, exercise, posture analysis, we also look at specific muscle strengths and weaknesses, and is based on your goals and capabilities.  You can find us in the Spokane Valley.

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