Valve Exercises


1. DJ V
Valve (Duodenum/ Jejenum)
: DJ is left sided.

-Lying on back with knees bent, move knees 2” toward right.

-3 finger widths in an upward 45 degree diagonal on left is sphincter. Next put 3

fingers of right hand over that spot and help with left hand over right and push

inward toward spine and then move counterclockwise (CCW) ⅛”.

2. IC Valve (iliocecal Valve): IC is right sided.

-knees bent and move 2” left

-find the spot between belly button(BB) and corner of pelvis and draw a line. Go

⅓ of way from inside corner of pelvis up that line and that is the spot of the

-Now put 3 fingers on that spot. Push down and turn CCW ⅛”.

-Do 1 minute

-Do 3 times a week.

3. GES (gastroesophageal valve) is left sided between esophagus and stomach. (Do 3 times per week if you have digestive problems.)

-Find the “V” of bottom part of rib cage and put 3 fingers over it.

-Knees bent and move knees to right 2”

-Push 3 fingers downward toward spine and turn CCW for 1 minute.

4. Pyloric Valve (between stomach and intestines): is left sided.

-bend knees and move them 2”toward right.

-Find BB and go 4-5 finger widths directly upward toward head from the BB and

the valve is here.

-Put 3 fingers of the right hand over that spot and then put left hand over right to

help and push downward toward the spine and turn fingers CCW ⅛”.

-Do this for 1 minute.


Do these exercises 3 times a week. These areas could be flared up from certain foods. If you have pains do the exercise to clear it up.


  1. Sphincter of Oddi is a right sided valve.

-Lying on back with knees bent, move knees 2” toward left.

-3 finger widths in an upward 45 degree diagonal on right is the sphincter. Put the

pads of 3 fingers over that spot. (The sphincter is only the size of a dime or


-Next push inward toward spine and CCW ⅛”.

-Do this for 1 minute.

-Do up to 3 times a week for digestive problems or do if you have right shoulder

blade or upper traps pain.


6. Upper gastroesophageal(UES) can either be right or left sided. This is for acid reflux.

-You will move your knees 2” of opposite side of problem.

– Head on 1-2 pillows.

-Right arm is bent at elbow and back of hand is propped on pillow.

-With left hand grab windpipe/esophagus area and gently pull downward toward


-Do this for 1 minute.


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What?! You can move my organs?

Rock Piles2

Visceral manipulation relieves digestive problems, neck pain, middle back pain, lower back pain, post-surgical pain, and scar tissue. It also improves post-surgical recovery and structural alignment

Visceral Manipulation is a gentle technique that frees up the fascia and allows the organs to glide against each other more easily. Fascia wraps around all of the organs or viscera. After injury – trauma, repetitive stress, and/or postural compensations – fascia around the organs can become restricted and contribute to overall fascial tension and pain patterns.

As in the craniosacral system, the organs also have a regular pattern of movement in the living body. The therapist monitors this movement and feels for any patterns of tension. Using a gentle technique with their hands,our physical, occupational, and massage therapists are able to release this tension, often at a very deep level. This can have a profound effect on how easily the body moves, decreasing muscle tension and pain, improving alignment throughout the body.


Physicians and folk healers have manipulated organs since antiquity, but it was not until the last quarter of the 20th century that this art evolved into a science. French Osteopath Jean-Pierre Barral studied the rather rough manipulations of French folk healers, applied his Osteopathic knowledge to the organ support system, and over the years made large developments in the art and science of Visceral Manipulation.

Synergy Healthcare offers physical therapy, occupational therapy and in Spokane Valley, WA. Our highly trained therapists are ready to get you back on track fast! We try to prepare helpful articles that can help enrich your life. Have a question you want answered? Email us at or call at 509-413-1630 for more information. Comment below or give us a shout-out on Facebook– we love to hear whats on your mind!

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