Cutting Edge Physical Therapy-Total Body Balancing in Spokane

Synergy Healthcare in Spokane, WA offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, and Feldenkrais®. Our clinicians are trained in many different techniques including Total Body Balancing (TBB).

What is TBB?

Total Body Balancing was developed by Terry D’Ambrogio, a Physical Therapist, Osteopath and Acupuncturist. After years of experience and hundreds of classes on different specialized techniques he noticed two interesting things: 1) most clinicians focused on the site of pain when they treat, not necessarily the true source of dysfunction and 2) many had trouble merging the techniques they had learned together to make an effective treatment. So he designed an evaluation and treatment model based on classical osteopathy as a back bone for clinicians to start with.

What is involved in the evaluation?

During the evaluation the clinician will observe your posture and test your range of motion, tension and other special orthopedic tests designed to give a general idea of where lines of tension are running through your body. Evaluations can take anywhere from five minutes to over half an hour depending how thorough the clinician wants to be. Why is an evaluation so important? 1) It is a base line for you and the the clinician to compare any changes from the treatment to and 2) it can really show that the site of pain is not the source of dysfunction.

What is a TBB treatment like?

A full TBB treatment consists of five phases with the patient laying on their back, front, left side, right side and finally sitting. In each phase the clinician will use your limbs as long-levers, gently taking them through their range of motion to release lines of tension throughout the whole body. An ideal treatment will be relaxing and last around 40 minutes. The remaining treatment time targets work on the problem ares the clinician found.

Physical Therapist lifting the world

Just like you can use a lever to lift heavy objects, your limbs can be used as levers on the body to gently focus force on a particular area. These long levers can break up tension faster than a short-lever ask your physical therapy clinician.

What can TBB do for me?

Just like the name implies Total Body Balancing treats the whole body not just the site of pain which might miss the underlying problem. A whole body treatment will clear up large lines of tension. When more targeted techniques are used they will last longer without being pulled out of place. TBB is great for athletes, chronic conditions and as a part of a wellness plan. Why not try it today?

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Weekend TBB Training


Staff training on Total Body Balancing Technique


TBB was developed by  John Wernham D.O. as a way to scan the total body during one treatment and reveal areas of restriction and dysfunction. The technique utilizes principles of osteopathy enabling the therapist to discover and treat chronic pain, decreased range of motion and while increasing flexibility.

TBB takes approximately one hour and is painless, gentle and relaxing for the patient who lies on the table during the process. You might think of it as an “active” massage, that not only reduces pain, muscle spasms, fascial tension but increases joint mobility and postural alignment. It influences all systems in the body while normalizing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems resulting in the desired “total body balance”.

Suppose you have chronic sciatic pain and you have gone to the doctor for pain medication, the chiropractor for adjustments and the physical therapist for exercise, but the pain keeps coming back. TBB is a technique that takes your WHOLE body:  skeletal, muscular, fascial, nervous system, lymph and blood flow, into consideration and attempts to restore balance, homeostasis to the entire system so the body can heal itself. When used on a regular basis it could quite possibly prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

If you are interested call Synergy Healthcare 509-413-1630 and schedule an appointment with one of the therapists skilled in the TBB method.  Your body will be happy you did!

Synergy Healthcare offers physical therapy, occupational therapy and Lymphedema Therapy in Spokane Valley, WA. Our highly trained therapists are ready to get you back on track fast! We try to prepare helpful articles that can help enrich your life. Have a question you want answered? Email us at or call at 509-413-1630 for more information. Comment below or give us a shout-out on Facebook– we love to hear whats on your mind!







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