Applied Functional Science

Applied functional science (AFS) is a functional movement-based treatment approach, first developed by Gary Gray, “the father of function,” and the Gray Institute in 1988. Since its inception, AFS has been based on creating individualized and patient-specific rehab, prevention, and performance enhancement for all age groups and activity levels. Largely utilized in the performance world and professional sports industry, AFS breaks down the chain reaction of human biomechanics and the effects of gravity, ground reaction forces, and momentum.
Clinicians certified in AFS view the human being as a whole – body, mind, and spirit – and treat the patient as such. Often the painful area is not actually the root cause and addressing only the area of complaint will not resolve an individual’s pain entirely. For example, it is not uncommon for the AFS practitioner to assess how a patient’s foot mechanics might be affecting their shoulder problem or how a patient’s lack of hip mobility in the transverse plane could be responsible for their neck pain. Once a “probable suspect” or root cause is identified, exercise that addresses the root cause is introduced to the patient. Patient compliance with exercise programs improves when the prescribed exercise is pain-free and specific to the patient’s needs. By treating the root cause, and not the painful area, the pain the patient initially came in with is addressed. Utilizing AFS treats the apparent dysfunction, but also prevents future injury to other vulnerable areas.

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